What can we offer you?

We are committed to helping you achieve the results you want, with the care you deserve.



Exercise is a high-value evidence-based treatment modality which empowers you to take control of your health and lifestyle. Whether you have experience with exercise or not, we choose the most appropriate exercises for every individuals needs and help you to progress these exercises over time.


As well as prescribing exercises for injury rehabilitative purposes, at Limitless Physiotherapy & Performance we also offer physio led personal training for general health, fitness and performance purposes.


We have a variety of equipment available to use, including kettlebells, resistance bands, floor mats, an agility ladder, sliding discs and cones. If you do not have this equipment available for your home-exercise sessions when our physiotherapist isn’t present, we can advise you on household items which can be used as an alternative.


Education and Advice

This is the most important therapeutic treatment modality we can offer you. We will help you to become more knowledgeable about your body, health and fitness, which will help you to transform your life and achieve more independently.

Manual Therapy


Manual therapy includes techniques such as joint mobilisations, passive assisted stretching and soft tissue release. At Limitless Physiotherapy & Performance we believe in empowering you to take control of your own health, through utilising techniques such as exercise, education and advice. However, it can sometimes be appropriate and useful to prescribe manual therapy techniques to help facilitate your ability to move better and manage your pain. 

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Sports Injuries

As a result of our previous experience working with athletes and extensive sporting knowledge, we understand that an injury can be a huge setback. We will help to guide you through the journey from injury to performance and returning to sport. The exercises we prescribe can be tailored towards your specific athletic and sporting needs and requirements to ensure you return to sport at your previous high ability levels. 

Sports Performance

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If you are looking for injury prevention and sports performance services to improve your sporting ability, we offer one to one exercise sessions and programming using strength and conditioning principles to help you achieve your specific goals. Strength & Conditioning is the practical application of sports science to enhance a persons movement quality and sporting ability.