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4 Strength Training Benefits

Strength training improves the strength of your muscles, ligaments and tendons. This can help to reinforce strength surrounding your joints such as your knees/hips/ankles/shoulders. This helps to ensure your physical capacity meets the demands of your activities/sports, whilst reducing the risk of overload.

Strength Training can also help to reduce falls risk. One review including 23,407 adults showed a 34% reduction in falls amongst those who participated in a well rounded exercise programme which included balance exercises, functional movements and strength exercises (Sherrington et Al, 2019)

Your health related quality of life is likely to improve if you perform strength training. You are more likely to be able to continue your hobbies/favourite activities for longer throughout your life, ie playing with your grandchildren if you have sufficient strength throughout your body. One review has shown a significant correlation between resistance training and better mental health, physical functioning, pain management, general health and vitality (Hart and Buck 2019)

Strength training can also help to improve your self confidence and self efficacy - the belief that you’re able to succeed at or perform a task. This may include your ability to walk up/down stairs or pick something up from the floor.

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