Frequently asked questions

Can I visit you for physiotherapy before seeing my GP?

Yes you can Our highly trained physiotherapists will complete a comprehensive assessment, and if necessary, they can refer you to your GP for further assessment. If you have already seen your GP or consultant, it is useful to bring any notes with you to your initial assessment.

What should I wear for my physiotherapy appointments?

You should wear clothes you are comfortable exercising in and so that your physiotherapist can easily access the body part or parts of interest, for example wearing shorts for a lower limb injury or a top with straps for a shoulder injury.

How many appointments will I need?

Your physiotherapist will discuss this with you after your initial assessment. This will depend on your diagnosis and goals. Your physiotherapist will reccomend a plan of care in order to achieve your goals and return to health and fitness, although this may change through your journey depending on the injury. It works out cheaper for you to purchase your plan of care rather than purchasing each session individually. If you achieve your goals before you have used all of your sessions within the plan of care, they can be saved for a later date or you can continue to use our services such as one to one training in order to improve your health, fitness and performance further.

What is pre-habilitation?

Pre-habilitation begins with a detailed discussion identifying the demands of your lifestyle, sports and/or career and is then followed by a thorough movement screening. The movement screen is used to dive deep into the specific demands of your passion activity and develop a comprehensive plan to maximize your potential and reduce the risk of injury in the future. We often identify partially rehabilitated historical injuries which we are able to effectively address.

Can I refer a friend to use your services?

Of course. We love customer referrals as we get to help your friends and family achieve their goals, as well as spread our vision and message on what your body is truly capable of achieving. We will offer you a 10% discount off your next session or plan of care if you refer a friend to us. All you need to do is ask the person you are referring to tell us your name at their first appointment.

What equipment do I need?

If you don't have any equipment at home, that is no problem! Your physiotherapist will bring the required equipment depending on your needs and goals, which may include: a treatment couch, a floor mat, kettlebells, resistance bands, cones, balls and more. Your physiotherapist will then advise you on the best things to use around the house for exercises on your own, and also teach you the relevant bodyweight exercises to help you reach your goals inbetween your physiotherapy sessions.